JW 380x240

In April of 2018 JW Aluminum of Goose Creek, South Carolina has awarded Mechatherm the contract to supply a complete scrap recycling solution for producing 660,000,000 lbs/annum (300,000T/Annum) of aluminium sheet products.  The Input feed material is coming in various forms of market grade contaminated aluminium scrap of up to 15% non-metallic in loose and bale form.

To remelt this scrap Mechatherm will supply 4 off 310,000lb (140T) Capacity Static “Multi-Chamber” Contaminated Scrap ‘De-coating’ Melting Furnaces fired with Bloom ‘Lumiflame’ natural gas regenerative burners rated for 27,500 lbs/hr (12.5T/Hr) melting rate.  Each melting furnace is designed to feed the supplied Mechatherm holding / casting furnaces with metal to feed the continuous casting process. The supplied melting furnace technology will receive the contaminated scrap and utilise energy from pyrolyzed VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) by destroying them by incineration.  This technology increases the overall furnace efficiency by reducing gas consumption and minimising toxic emissions sent to the fume treatment plans for final clean-up.

To compliment and serve this state of the art furnace technology, Mechatherm will supply 3 off Hencon AGV (Autonomously Guided Vehicle) Scrap charging machines using the latest Lithium Ion battery technology.  The supplied units come with detachable scrap containers which are pre-loaded with scrap by the customer before being automatically picked up by the AGV machines and taken to the melting furnaces autonomously and charged in sequence to keep up with the required melting/casting process production cycle.  The units not only act as chargers, but also are designed to push scrap across the furnace scrap de-coating hearths in an indexed fashion before entering the molten bath for melting.

In addition to these furnaces Mechatherm have also been awarded the supply of 2 off 340,000lb (155T) Tilting Holding / Casting Furnaces to feed the customers continuous sheet casting machine.  The furnaces are tilted via hydraulic cylinders and are controlled in tandem to perform a seamless and uninterrupted casting handover sequence to enable the continuous casting operation 24/7.  Mechatherm believe that these casting furnaces are among the biggest capacity tilting type in the USA and the rest of the world to date having recently supplied very similar units to Logan Aluminum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Mechatherm is delighted to receive this prestigious order from JW Aluminum and once complete we believe puts us amongst the world leading industrial scale Aluminium recycling technology providers.