Mechatherm Services

Sustain, Support, Surpass

Mechatherm Services is our dedicated after-sales division, created to provide service and support to our global network of around one hundred clients, in addition to offering small projects and improvement ideas to any client in the worldwide aluminium industry.

Mechatherm Services; created to provide the highest levels of support, the latest in technological innovations and focused delivery of bespoke improvement projects to its own clients, but also to the wider aluminium industry.

With a dedicated field service team consisting of industry veterans, plans for a Middle-East Service Centre and partnerships with the highest quality service providers all over the world, Mechatherm Services can offer the highest level of aluminium industry assistance, whilst still leveraging the decades of world leading knowledge available in their extensive library of resource.

Services From Mechatherm

Innovations with video analysis technology, automated safety, process optimisation and fuel efficiency are already being tried and tested on a range of projects both nationally and internationally. In addition to this, each of Mechatherm’s existing clients is able to take advantage of detailed performance audits to ensure all Mechatherm equipment operates as efficiently as it did when first installed.

“The time our service team spends with our clients is mutually beneficial.  We learn from their operating feedback and return this information to our design engineering team to come up with focused improvement plans.  This ultimately gives our clients an improved process and a better all-round efficiency”

Mark Allen, Services Director