Mechatherm have supplied and installed several water cooling plants to feed various types of casting machine.

Our designs incorporate either a fabricated or civil constructed ‘Hotwell’ or ‘Coldwell’ to store the incoming hot water and cooled outgoing water. The hot water is pumped to the ‘Hotwell’ via suitably rated high power lift pumps.

The hot water is stored ready to be pumped to a series of forced draft cooling towers above the ‘Coldwell’. Once cooled, the water cascades into the ‘Coldwell’ ready to be pumped back to the casting machine.

We incorporate a series of filters to ensure that no contamination reaches the casting machine, and we also include chemical dosing systems to balance the biological effects on the stored water.

In addition to our Water Cooling Plants, we offer emergency cooling water supply towers. These are to give casthouse operators enough water supply to abort a cast in case of failure. The emergency water towers are designed to supply water at the correct pressure through gravity.

Combined with our VDC casting machines, Mechatherm can offer the complete casting solutions for producing extrusion billet, rolling ingot and T-Bar.

In summary our features typically include:

  • Hotwell & Coldwell design philosophy.
  • Forced draft cooling towers.
  • Heat exchanger water cooling.
  • Chemical dosing systems.
  • Water/Oil separation systems.
  • Casting machine water ‘Backflush’ filtration system.
  • Emergency water towers.
  • Integrated fire prevention systems.
  • Specialised PC/PLC based control systems with human/machine interface giving ‘Set point’ control.
  • SCADA control systems.
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