Mechatherm's signature line of single chamber melting furnaces available with both tilting and static solutions are tailor-made to your requirements using industry leading technology.

Our M-Series single chamber front loading melting furnaces incorporate large and wide full width charge door openings with no blind corners which eliminates areas where dross formations might build up.  This allows quick and easy tending and cleaning by plant operators.

Mechatherm melting furnaces can process a wide variety of scraps. The type of scrap being processed significantly effects the type of furnace technology we offer.

When processing scrap types that are predominantly clean and high in density, Mechatherm would recommend a conventional single chamber reverb type melting furnace combined with either a cold air or regenerative fired combustion system.

For clean but low-density scraps, Mechatherm would recommend a similar technology but most likely with a system for charging / feeding the scrap for indirect melting via hot metal circulation and submergence.  This is purely to minimise metal losses through oxidation.

Melt rates up to 30T/hr are possible with our single chamber melting furnaces and capacities can range from 1 tonne up to 200 tonnes.

Typical scrap types include extrusions sections, rolling mill scrap, sheet, plate, process off cuts, primary ingot, sows and T-bar.