Mechatherm has supplied numerous scrap pre-heating & drying ovens to compliment our re-melt equipment.

In today's modern casthouses the issue of safety is at the forefront of concerns, and this has led to a higher demand of this type of oven.

The main reasons for installing this type of equipment are:

  • Scrap drying to eliminate risk of super heat explosion.
  • Pre-heating scrap to increase furnace melting rates and efficiency.
  • Utilising hot waste gasses from the melting furnaces for energy saving purposes.

Our designs incorporate high efficiency air re-circulation fans. We also integrate a nominal powered heating system either using gas, oil fired or electrical elements. This is to maintain the ovens heat input if the melter waste hot gasses are not sufficient to heat the load. The oven can be charged directly by fork lift truck or via a powered bogie type system.

Scrap Pre-Heating Ovens
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