Aluminium Melting Furnaces For Recycling

Mechatherm has several bespoke and innovative designs of Aluminium melting furnaces to recycle the many different scrap forms in the secondary market sector.

All our melting furnace designs and configurations are custom designed and engineered to suit the individual requirements of our client. We have many successful worldwide installations to process clean scrap up to heavily contaminated scrap.

We have developed our furnace designs over the last 35 years, working very closely with our clients to integrate their experience with our technical expertise.

Our melting furnaces integrate many features and practical solutions to give a very operator friendly and easily maintainable operation. Our furnace's are very robustly engineered to meet the arduous and aggressive conditions in foundries, the casing and furnace structure is manufactured from heavy platework, and the support structure is designed to minimise deflection, distortion and mechanical damage from operators. Our designs are generated and verified by the use of a 3D AutoCAD package with Finite Element Analysis.

Standard features of our melting furnaces include automated thermocouple retraction systems, pouring spout opening cover mechanism to seal the spout when furnace is in the stationary position, accurate pressure control, easily adjustable door panels and sealing system and reliable and accurate air/fuel ratio control.

Our hydraulic door lifting system and positive pneumatic clamping system is very well proven. We have many installations working with the latest low NOx regenerative burner technology to achieve production performance, gas consumptions and emission levels which comply with latest environmental standards.

We pay particular attention to the refractory design, construction and material selection to ensure a long and reliable operating life.

We work very closely with our clients to develop our furnace configuration to suit production requirements, plant availability, operating cycles, scrap mixes, location of plant, material flow, charging practices and overall plant layout. We have installed/refurbished over 120 furnaces installations up to June 2007.