Mechatherm has designed and installed many interconnecting launder systems.

Not only have we supplied launder systems to suit our own equipment, we have also undertaken projects to install our launder systems on existing plant equipment.

Mechatherm takes a flexible approach to launder system design as we recognise that each of our clients has different needs.

Mechatherm will take into account our clients plant layout and shop levels along with any other interfering parameters before producing an optimum design. Mechatherm can also offer customised access platforms for good operator access.

Some of our other design features can include:

  • Laser level control systems
  • Level float switches
  • Overflow contact probes
  • Pneumatically operated dam gates
  • Emergency launder breaks
  • Dip thermocouples
  • Gas fired pre-heater lids
  • Electrical element or fan/blower pre-heater lids