Brigdnorth Aluminium are a leading producer of lithographic aluminium strip. It is the only UK’s manufacturer of lithographic material and is only one of 3 producers in Europe. The company is specialised experience in hot and cold aluminium rolling, annealing and levelling.

Mechatherm International was recently awarded a contract by Bridgnorth Aluminium in the UK to design and install a Cast House expansion with the aim to increase the company’s internal scrap recycling compatibility by 100,000T per annum.

The cast House expansion consisted of a 45T open top loading melting furnace with 2 off charge buckets, a 45T Tilting holding furnace and a 45T VDC slab casting machine with distribution through.

The 45T top loading melting furnace was deigned to have a 12T per hour melt rate. The furnace is charged with scrap aluminium by the use of 2 25T capacity change buckets to drop the aluminium in at the top of the furnace, this is so large amounts of scrap can be charged quickly to achieve the desired melt rate. A lid lift crane and support was provided to allow an easy lid opening and closing mechanism. The furnace was designed to be used with conjunction of an electromagnetic stirrer to prevent the molten aluminium in the furnace from being stagnant.

Once melted the molten aluminium is then transferred to the 45T holding furnace. A tilting system is integrated to control the amount of metal being poured into the casting machine permitting the correct metal levels. A launder system between all furnaces and casting machine was designed and installed by Mechatherm to provide an effective transfer system of molten aluminium to equipment. The 45T casting machine casts aluminium sheet metal. A SafeCAST® MMLC (Mould metal level Control) was supplied with the use of dedicated laser sensors at each automated dam to control and measure the metal levels within each mould on the casting table. Metal flow is automatically controlled with a stopper pin actuator to accurately regulate flow within the system. An emergency launder break safety facility was fitted which will part a section of launder from the main system when an emergency stop is initiated to allow molten aluminium to pour into a pan near the casting machine. All control and automation of equipment for the cast house expansion was integrated by Mechatherm. A SCADA architectural control system was used to give san IO/ display located by the casting machine and furnaces to give full control of the equipment. An engineering station is also supplied which runs ibaPDA that provides data retrieving and manipulation tools

• Fully automated plant
• Turn-key equipment supply
• Bespoke, innovative control & automation system
• Safe & quick furnace charging
• High efficiency energy recovery system
• Faster production times
• SafeCAST® - hands free casting