Casthouse Technology

Mechatherm is a world leader in the supply of casthouse equipment to the Aluminium industry.

Mechatherm core products include melting furnaces, casting/holding furnaces, interconnecting launder systems, VDC casting machines and water-cooling plants. We also specialise in integrating third party refining equipment such as degassing and filtration units in to our casting lines.

Casthouse Equipment

Mechatherm takes a flexible approach to suit our client's requirements. In addition to project managing complete “turn key” installations, we have also provided part supply contracts. These include examples in which the client has requested engineering design, critical components or commissioning only.

All our designs and configurations are custom designed and engineered to suit the individual requirements of our client and we have many successful worldwide installations.

Since we began operations, we have developed our own designs, always working very closely with our clients to integrate their experience with our technical expertise.

Our designs integrate a range of features and practical solutions which are included to provide user friendly and easily maintainable operation. Our equipment is very robustly engineered to meet the arduous and aggressive conditions found in our customers foundries. Our designs are generated and verified using 3D solid modelling software combined with Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

We work very closely with our clients to develop our equipment configurations to suit their production requirements, plant availability, operating cycles and overall plant layout.