Top loading circular melting furnaces for high efficiency and rapid melting of various scrap mixes.

The furnace incorporates a removable domed lid to charge scrap from the top of the furnace, a dedicated crane is provided for this movement. Scrap is loaded in to charge buckets with drop bottom type doors, the buckets are lifted and lowered in to furnace by overhead shop crane, the charge bucket bottom doors are opened to release scrap in to furnace. Single charges can be up to 20 tonnes.

Melt rates in excess of 35 tonne/hour are possible, with hearth ratings up to 425 kg/M2/hr have been achieved.

Forced air cooling (or water) is integrated in to the removable lid and around the perimeter of the furnace opening, this is to ensure minimal distortion, hence maintaining a good seal.

Charging is very quick resulting in reduced melting cycle times and high performance melt rates.