Energy Policy


Mechatherm International Limited’s management is committed to ensuring that its sites are constructed and operated in a way which considers economic, comfort, environmental and energy whole life impacts. Ensure continual improvement of energy performance and the EnMs.

As part of this commitment, we will:

  • Monitor our energy consumption within our EnMs BS EN ISO 50001:2018 system.
  • Develop metering systems to give visibility of water and energy consumption.
  • Set objectives and energy targets to achieve year on year savings that are reviewed.
  • Benchmarking against expected performance to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Provide training and resource to achieve our objectives and targets.
  • Comply with energy legislation and regulation.
  • Procurement and Design will evaluate and consider energy efficient products and services.
  • Ensure renewable energy is considered when making supply procurement decisions.

This Energy Policy is available to the public through our website, and to interested parties on request. Awareness training of energy conservation campaigns to widen the knowledge base of our employees and contractors and encourage them to highlight energy saving opportunities. The Mechatherm Sustainability Plan considers energy and water performance at Director level through reporting.