Scrap Charging Machines

Mechatherm can supply various designs of scrap charging machines for charging of front loading melting furnaces.

The charge boxes are designed as large as possible to fit the door opening and hearth size of the furnace to minimise the number of charges per melt cycle. During charging the door is only open between one and two minutes to minimise the heat loss and temperature drop within the furnace chamber.

The charge box and plough pusher are manufactured from heavy platework and designed to withstand the arduous thermal and mechanical stresses imposed from charging and heat from the furnace. The machine can either be hydraulically or electro-mechanically operated.

Machines can be designed for single furnace or multiple furnace installations. They can be designed to travel downshop charging several furnaces or direct in line with a single furnace. A rotating top carriage and charge box can be integrated to allow charging from multiple positions to suit space restricted layouts. All machines are custom designed to suit new or existing furnaces and plant layouts.

Machine capacity ranges from 1 tonne to 30 tonnes depending upon scrap density.