General Melting Furnace Design Features

  • Heavy duty casing construction to withstand thermal and mechanical stresses.
  • Expansion allowance and compensation in furnace design.
  • Hydraulic or Electro Mechanical door lifting with synchronisation shaft to ensure uniform lift.
  • Vertical or inclined doors.
  • Static furnace or tilting (side or rear) furnace designs.
  • Tilt cylinders integrated either at front of furnace, at floor level down side of furnace or underneath furnace in basement.
  • Positive pneumatic door clamping and sealing systems.
  • Long lasting refractory block, cast steel or water cooled door surrounds.
  • Furnace chamber exhaust ducting systems and stacks to atmosphere.
  • Door fume extraction hoods.
  • Automatic pressure control regulation using an actuated ‘mechanical damper’.
  • Pneumatically operated automated bath thermocouple to insertion and retraction system.
  • High efficiency regenerative burners, hot air recuperation or cold air burner systems.
  • Gas fired, Oil fired or electrical heat input systems.
  • Electronic Fuel/Air ratio control or Thyristor control on heating elements.
  • Manual or automatic metal pouring operation to suit specific casting requirements.
  • Durable refractory linings in monolithic, brick or pre-cast blocks.
  • Molten metal receiving wells with hot metal crucible tilting mechanisms for furnace filling.
  • PC/PLC based control systems with human/machine interface giving ‘Set point’ furnace control.
  • SCADA control systems.
  • Continuous emission monitoring, data logging and trend analysis for environmental legislation.